Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Fantasy

When it comes to fantasy I'm not only interested in females, males are also nice. Here is my new buddy. It's the Mouth of Sauron from GW's LotR range.

Some Fantasy

I'm a historical guy, but sometimes it's fun with fantasy. Here is a nice one from Hasslefree, very nice to paint. The base is from Micro Art Studio.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

How to paint skin, a lot of skin

Someone asked me how I paint skin on naked or almost naked guys. This is how I do it:

When I paint flesh I normally use three colours and an ink. The reason is that the figure will look flat and boring if I only use one, but if I use three all the details will be seen. The colours are there to show the curves of the human body; to show the muscle bone structure. I will here paint two naked dudes. They are Greeks, so I will paint one as European, but the other will painted as a South American. You don’t need to use the exact right skin colour; in 15mm and 28mm it won’t matter anyway. What is important with American Indians is that their skin tone is a little redder. The colours I will use are Foundry’s Flesh and GW’s flesh ink for the European guy and GW’s Dark flesh, Vermin Brown, Foundry’s Flesh A (but you can as well use Vallejo or GW’s Bronzed Flesh) and GW’s brown ink for the South American.

Sorry for the pictures, they are way too light.

1) I start with priming them black.
2) Then I start painting the darkest flesh colour. Make sure that the colour covers the figure. Remember that it’s better to paint to thin layers instead of one thick.
Stage 2
3) After this I will use ink at some points; around the eyes, ears and mouth. Don't forget the fingers and toes.
Stage 3
4) After it have dried I go back with the darkest flesh colour and paint it where needed. I have done that at the circled parts on the European guy.
Stage 4
5) Now I paint the middle flesh colour, covering maybe 50-75% of the skin. I will paint all areas that are not in shadows and those areas that are in recessions. This doesn't show up so good at the European guy, so instead look at the Indian guy.
Stage 5
6) Now we are almost done. The last paint will only be used at those areas that are on the top in the sun. I should have taken the picture from above, but look at the circled areas on the Indian guy to see a little of what I mean.
Stage 6

Does this sound complicated? It isn’t. If you have a naked guy DBA army you can paint it up very fast. We are talking about hours, not days.

7) And we can finish it with painting some eyes on them. The circled area is just a reflection.
Stage 7 Finished dudes.

Friday, April 04, 2008

More spanish troops

The Spanish troops are never stop coming, just more and more are coming over the hills to join the battle against the evil Romans.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bactrian-Greek Phalanx

This is my Bactrian-Greek phalanx. The shield is Zeus with a spear in one hand and a thunderbolt in the other. It was very fun to paint.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Makedonian Companion cavalry

Here is some old figures. It's Companion cavalry from Foundry.