Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What DBA army should I paint next?

I don't know what DBA army to paint next. I want to paint a nice and colourful army. The miniatures should be nicely sculpted and have multiple poses. And it's a bonus if the army is funny in some way (like have a Litter general, be very obscure or just plain silly). Do you have any suggestions? I have been thinking about Hawaiian, Post-Mongol Samurai, Mound Builder (from Eureka), Aztec, Zapotec (from Black Hat) and Late Carthaginians (from Corvus Belli). All suggestions are welcome!

The Greaco-Bactrians are here

This is pictures of my Graeco-Bactrian army. They were a blast to paint. The miniatures are from Xyston.

The Greek/Makedonian pike phalanx. The shields blazons are suppose to be Zeus.

The Persian part of the army.

Some Greeks and Makedonians.

My lovely elephant.

The camp (from Baueda).

Some Mountain Indians (the guys to the left are not part of this army, they just wanted to be in the picture).

The Tlingit is here

I have now finally painted my Tlingit army from Eureka. They were extremely fun to paint with their wooden helmets and armour.

These are the skirmishers. Two nice Ps with guns.

And these are the warriors. In the middle you can see the army's general.