Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What DBA army should I paint next?

I don't know what DBA army to paint next. I want to paint a nice and colourful army. The miniatures should be nicely sculpted and have multiple poses. And it's a bonus if the army is funny in some way (like have a Litter general, be very obscure or just plain silly). Do you have any suggestions? I have been thinking about Hawaiian, Post-Mongol Samurai, Mound Builder (from Eureka), Aztec, Zapotec (from Black Hat) and Late Carthaginians (from Corvus Belli). All suggestions are welcome!


Neldoreth said...

My next army after the Samurai that i am working on are the Late Acheamenid Persians. Persians have nice looking outfits, very colourful but not overly challenging to paint. Also, Xyston does a great line of these figs and you can buy the army in a ready-made box!

On the topic of Samurai, the early variety can be put together very nicely. The colours are all over the place, and each samurai could have a distinct armour pattern! Very difficult to do justice to, so if you are looking for a challenge, this is your army!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Neldoreth said...

er... I guess I should have a closer look at your completed armies before I post next time ;) Forget the Persians, go with the Samurai!


mrfarrow2u said...

Now then Bjorn!

I reckon you should go with the Samurai, but you'll have to paint two armies so they can fight each other.

Have you thought about DBA 1500-1900 Armies? For colour you can't beat Landsknecht Troops!

All the Best

Björn said...

Yes, I like Samurais too. Do anyone of you have a favourite range/manufacturer? Two armies are of course nice, but maybe I could find some other opponent. Korean maybe.

I have to say that I really love the Xyston Persians! I'm currently painting a Persian FoG army.

mrfarrow2u said...

Hello Bjorn

I've just ordered a copy of the Osprey Campaign 'Samurai Invasion of Korea'. It's the ill fated Samurai battles against the Koreans & the Ming Chinese. So there could be another possible army for you? No doubt inspiration will sink in & we will end up collecting some Korean/Chinese forces!!! ;o)

Most of our Samurai are Two Dragons.

All the Best

legatushedlius said...

Go for Samurai and you can get the Perry Samurai and new Koreans!

Anonymous said...

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