Sunday, September 14, 2008

A HotT Game

A few days ago me, Matts and Andy fought our first HotT game (HotT is a Fantasy DBA game). It was very close, but in the end we won with 9-8. Our left was under hard pressure but they were standing firm. Out right pressured our opponents hard, but their Blade general killed everything that was thrown against him (including the Sneaker). But the enemies' centre was defeated and at the end of the battle there was a big hole there.
The troops have been deployed.

Matts is already starting to celibrate.

The troops are advancing.
The armies are standing still, waiting for the other to do the first move.
The first combat on the right.

The enemies on the right have been defeated!

There is a big whole on the right!

Matts have stabilized the right.

"What to do?"

The centre is pushing forward.

And now there is a small hole in the centre.

The battle is over!

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