Sunday, July 23, 2006

Some words about my different projects

The Normans aren't my only project; I do also have several others going on. My major projects are the Normans (Crusader), Aztecs (TAG and Foundry) and late republic Romans (Companion and Foundry). Soon there will be some based skirmishers for my Roman army, so pictures are coming soon. I do also have some minor projects, the biggest one is my 15mm Hellenistic army (Xyston) of which I have painted very little (51 elements), but I have hundreds unpainted. Other projects are my 3rd century Romans (A&A), Makedonians (Foundry), Trojan War (Foundry), Carthaginians (Renegade), LotR (Games Workshop) and Imperial Guards (Games Workshop). The Makedonians are almost done so not much will happen there (except for re-basing), but much next major project will be the 3rd century Romans, they are looking mighty nice.

Do I have some finished projects? Not really, all projects are on-going, but my Late War WWII Germans (Artizan) are more or less done. My ACW (Renegade and Foundry) are also done.

Any projects I have abandoned? Yes, I have realized that I will never have enough time to paint my Early Imperial Romans (Foundry), so they are a lost project.

Any new projects coming up? I'm easily tempted and Musketeer Miniatures says they will make some Seleukids next year so that sounds very interesting.

That’s all I think, but I have surely forgot to mention a few odd things (like my Eureka Russians or Shadowforge Amazons).


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