Sunday, January 28, 2007

Libya civil war

My and some friends came together and played some games of DBA. The project was that everyone would make a Libyan I/7b army. The day was exciting and I finished second out of five! Here are some pictures from the day. The first game was against Rickard. He was unlucky and his general was the first casualty of the day.

Rickard are looking close at my deployment, what is the best tactic to beat me?
He starts moving the general. He is going to outflank me.

What happened? The general has disappeared from picture 2 to 3. He is dead, killed by a lone bowman.

The next game was against Jens. I led with 3-0 and only had to kill one more, instead he won with 4-3, bugger!

The third game was against Chris, our local champ. After a hard fight I did actually win!

So I had a very nice day of DBA playing and pizza eating!

This was a fun silly idea. I hope that we will do something like this again soon. I want to do "The conquest of Vinland", including Vikings, Eskimos, Indians, Mould Builders and Welsh.

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