Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bloodcon VII

Yesterday was Bloodcon VII in Uppsala. It was a great tournament, I had a great time. I ended up somewhere in the bottom, but that was ok. Chris from the club ended up with the bronze and Rickard's army was the most inspiring, a well deserved victory. I brought my Late Achaemenid Persians and the Chariot of Doom (mostly his own doom).

Chris looking at Rickard's new DBA board. In the background are my Persians (in the red thing).

The crowd waiting for the first game. There's excitement in the air!

The first game was against Oskar and his Pre-islam Arabs. He had a lot of dunes and camels, I lost with 12-0. Even through it was a bad start of the tournament I enjoyed myself greatly and I did actually enjoy it so much that I forget to take any pictures fro m the game. Sorry Oskar.

The second game was against my old friend Rickard and his medieval Finns. Somehow I did actually manage to win; the reason could be because he didn't feel well.

After two games it was time for lunch, pizza of course. One loss and one win is not that bad for me. During lunch break everyone could look at each others armies.

Simon's Italian condotta

Mikael's Anglo-Norman

Rickard's Finns

Closer look at Rickard's army

My Persians

Oskar's Arabs

After lunch there were three more games. The first game was against Tony and his Polish knights. They just rode over me. It was a great game and Tony was great fun to play against.

Next game was against Simon and his Italians. Once again it was a blast and a loss. I thought I had him, but my center decided to attack at the wrong moment (note to myself: be patient and if it looks to good it is to good). I was trying to it his right flank, but he totally destroyed my center.

The last game was actually a win! Now I'm finally starting to figure out how to use my Persians. I suppose that means it's time to get a new army! Did I tell you it was a great funny game? It was hilarious, it could have gone either way!

There were a lot of nice Barker Markers. This one was maybe the nicest. It's from Hasslefree Miniatures, I must get me a nice one too!

So all in all, it was very nice. Thanks Nils and everyone else for the great event!

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