Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Romans

These Romans were dipped.


Aren said...

nice paintjob! take a look at my
blogspot: http:freakyfreminiatures.blogspot.
I think that you will like it, there are a lot of celts, romans,battlefleet gothic, and verry soon some painted heroclix.
I put you to my list with links, I hope to hear from you in the future. frederik viaene (Belgium)

Anonymous said...

Hello Bjorn,

I'm really impressd with your painting - I particularly like your 15mm 'Xyston' Thracians.

...but what's all this about 'the Dip' - please would you explain in a new caption what exactly this quick painting technique is?

I could guess, but I thought I may as well ask for an explanation - you seem to have mixed feelings about it... Best wishes, Daniel.