Sunday, January 20, 2008

The last to arrive

The last of the troops to arrive to make the army battle-ready is the Libyan mercenary cavalry. If I paint a Numidian army they can also double as General for them. I will of course continue painting more for this army. I will need more of eveything; more Light Horse, Cavalry, Spear, Auxilia, Psiloi, Elephants and Warbands. You always need more elephants. And I'm also painting Hannibals veterans.

What will the next army be? Hard to say, but Crusader Miniatures will soon release Successor pikemen, hoplites and thureophoroi. I love that. Maybe I will paint it as Molon's army (the renegade Seleucid satrap of Media). The army will be very colourful, the cloth and armour will be inspired by the Persians. This really gives me a hard-on.

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